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Since 1990, Samwon has been concentrating on only concrete building leakage, repair and maintenance
through operating many kinds of leakage such as building, engineering works, and road,Construction leakage under the 40m of sea.
We have been operating construction works based on belief of the best specialist in al kinds of leakage, repair and maintenance.

Samwon Grouting Equipments Features

  • Not heavy to carrying
  • Every body can use
  • Crack repair machine
  • Simple in one hands
  • Easy to change cylinder
  • Anywhere works

SW-PU 300 is two liquid type (raw liquid 10: booster 1) radius firing urethane, Through injecting and putting leakage part of concrete and reacting with water, 

Drive, pressure controll with return and pressure gauge unit with manometer 0-600bar. 4m material hose(NO.04) Ø6.4mm and high pressure ball valve with mouth piece, 2ℓ material container.

Grouting Packer Grouting Accessory
Grouting Packers in different spec.


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