ARC-3000(Acrylic Injection Pump)

Machine Dimension

Power source and power consurmption AC220V 60Hz 600W
Weight 15kg
Maximum discharge pressure 400kgf/㎤
Maximum discharge amount 0.55L×2lines


Use of Acrylic Injection Pump

– For injection of Acrylic injection agent
– Waterproof of Backside
– Diversely used for the injection of Urethane, Epoxy etc.


Features of Acrylic Injection Pump

1. Easy transportation and move with light weight and compact size compared with the ARC injection pump of other company
2. Vivration and noise of machine is remarkably less compared with the product of other company
3. Injection into micro-crack is available with the maximum discharge pressure of 400kg/5㎠
4. Use method is simple, and cleaning and repair is easy

 How to ues acrylic 2 liquid injection pump

Preparatory stage

Acrylic Injection Pump
1. Equipment, Acrylic injection agent etc. are prepared

Acrylic Injection Pump
2. Put the agent A and agent B into the injection bucket

Acrylic Injection Pump
3. Power connection

Acrylic Injection Pump
3. Power connection

Air removal

h5-1 h5-2
5. Open the de-aeration valve and close the injection valve on the presure guage for the removal of air before using the machine
(Air must be removed use as the chemical is not discharged if there is air)

Acrylic Injection Pump Acrylic Injection Pump Acrylic Injection Pump
6. Push the power button and operate the machine until the bubble is completely removed by adjusting the number of rotation with +,- buttons.

Acrylic Injection Pump
7. Cloese the de-aeration valve after bubble is removed.

Acrylic Injection Pump
8. Open the injection valve