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Bond cylinder construction method

Injection of epoxy resin as a crack repair method for concrete structure has been gold standard treatment for the ast 20 years. It cause damages to concrete structure that increased size of cars. air pollution, salt water and alkail-aggregate rection. In this situation, our company newly suggests you strong and effective bond cylinder method based on abunhdant treatments so far.

Bond cylinder construction method


⊙ Architectural engineering field : Reinforcement of floating concrete structure, Repair cracks of APT, Rehabilitation of slat steel roof and Reinforcement of anchor.
⊙ Civil engineering field : Bridges, dams, retaining wall, water tank in subway, waste water processing plant, reinforcement of ground sinking, repair of tunnel and soil grouting.
⊙ Mechanical facility:
Repair of cracks and pedestal floating by vibration of mechanical facility, repair and reinforcement of rail sinking.


Using capillary and surface tension allow injecting into fine crack up to 0.2mm perfectly.

Certain injection with low pressure and slow speed

(PAT.NO. 1387479(JAPAN)0104Z / PAT.NO. 4861401(U.S.A))
Repair of cracks in bank
Repair of cracks of outer?wall tile
Reinforcement of column joints
Repair of exterior view
Repair of cracks in supporter
Repair of flooring cracks

Crack investigation

Check the conditions, width and length of cracks and confirm the work process.

Surface preparation

After investigating, using wire brush or disk sander exposes the surface to be sealed. Oil and grease is wiped off with thinner.

Washer adhesion

Adhesive, bond and fix the injecting washer with sealing material. Washer center is adjusted to fit into the crack's center.


Seal the surface of cracks surely to prevent the escape of injected resin.


Inject with bond cylinder.
(As for wide cracks, this can be obtained by using preceding pump injection through washer.)

Remove sealing material

Remove the washer, grind or eliminate the sealing material with disk sander to flat surface.