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SW-EP 700


SW-EP 700 is an underwater adhesive that completely hardens even where moisture and water occur.
Underwater adhesives, which were considered impossible, have been distributed, making them widely used in civil engineering and construction.

  • Adhesion in wet condition
  • Caulking in wet condition
  • Crack sealing
  • Concrete breakage reinforcement

  • Excellent adhesion to metal and concrete
  • Clay shape, no flow down
  • Outstanding workability
Package (15kg / Set)
  • Main Component : 10kg
  • Hardening Component : 5kg

Physical properties
Exterior Appearance Gray putty
Principal constituent Epoxy resin, Polyamide
Specific gravity 1.1
Mixing Rate Main Comp. : Hardening Comp. = 1:1(Weight ratio)
Pot Life(min) 60min/300g. 20℃
Viscosity Clay shape, no flow down
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