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Carbon fiber reinforcement

This is "composite structure construction method" which uses fiber instead of steel sheet that has been uesd mainly as a reindorcement material so far.


It is highly innovative repair and reinforcement method to improve the structural function such as strength, durability and earthquake resistance that using epoxy resin to bond the unidirectional carbon sheet with concrete which lacks of capacity.


① High strength and elasticity
Carbon fiber sheet is unidirectional so to have high strength and elasticity.
② Light weight
fibers are four times lighter than steel so there's little affect to the structure's weight.
③ Excellent durability, corrosion resistant and waterproofing
As it is a composite material reinforcement using carbon fiber and epoxy resin, It's non-corrosive to outside air such as water, alkali, acid and ultraviolet, never degraded and has waterproof effect due to resin.


① Improvement of bending capacity
Reinforcement with carbon fiber is effective to improve the bending capacity of structure, and if you bond the carbon fiber sheet to the tensile side of concrete structure whose capacity will be greatly increased.
② Improvement of Abrasion resistance
Carbon fiber reinforced surface has more great abrasion resistance than original concrete surface.
③ Reinforcement of crac
Cracks caused by fatigue, impact and excessive load is reinforced by carbon fiber, so the capacity of structure can be recovered, the reinforcement restrains cracks from activating.

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