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Urethane chip waterproofing and flooring method

Brush is used for urethane chip waterproofing so approipriate for various roof shape, sticking points as well as plane. It not only suggests you thermal, cold, water resistance but also durability.

  • Waterproof for general roof and APT rooftop(newly built or repair)
  • Waterproof for Porch, balcony, bathroom, toilet and basement.
  • Waterproof for outer corridor, parking garage, shopping district and terrace.
  • Waterproof for outer wall, uneven surface of sewage lines and vertical plane.

  • As a cold construction method, it can be hardened well in cold weather and has good workability.? Due to its seamless waterproof layer, complicate or vertical surface is easy for work.
  • Can prevent cracks on flooring because the rubber-shape chips provide strong tensile and anti-fracture strength and?? good elongation ratio.
  • High durability, water and chemical resistance
  • Easy to use for penetrating pipes or outlets.
  • Easily available waterproof in insulation method.
  • Can provide every desirable color combination
  • Thickness of coat layer can be varied.
  • Firmly bond to any surface.
  • Firmly bond to any surface.
  • High level of repair ability even in broken waterproof coating.
  • Exposed finish for foot traffic, as a decorative elastic body, is suitable for light sports or resting place.

Construction order

1. Surface preparation.
  • Grind outstanding and aged surface
  • Surface must be dry and free of sand and dirt.
  • To avoid water leaks, seal the surroundings of penetrating pipe and outlets after grooving 3-5mm around them.
  • For the intersection of vertical and horizontal surface, apply sealing with 10mm rounding and reinforce during urethane spray.
  • Apply sealing and bonding of protection tape to cracks in slab.

2. Primer spray
  • Spray appropriate primer 0.2~0.3kg/m2 with brush, roller or spray gun to the surface.

3. Urethane mix
  • By using mixer with round bottom, mix hardener into resin with described ratio thoroughly for 3 5o 5 minutes.

4.Urethane application
  • Application is done by trowel, brush, roller within usable time and vertical surface firstly.
  • When urethane is applied to horizontal surface, add assigned agent by 5 to 10 percent in case of bad spread.
  • Apply second coat immediately after setting to touch.
  • In case of exposed waterproof for newly built building, it is generally used to defense irregular cracks that reinforcing intersection of vertical and horizontal surfaces with supporting paper such as glass or synthetic non-woven paper.

5. Surface finish
  • To improve durability and weather-resistance, topcoat of modified urethane is applied with brush, roller or spray gun.
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