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More Safe, More Easy, Better Performance

I would like to truly appreciate your constant interest and support. I am glad to have an opportunity to introduce our company

Since 1990, our company has been concentrating on only leakage repair and maintenance of concrete buildings. Our company has experience in repairing cracks, leaks and various defects in all areas, including construction, civil engineering, bridges and even repairing cracks in underwater 40-meter structures. We run the company with the belief that we should be the best expert in repairing and maintaining cracks in all kinds of buildings. Based on numerous construction experiences and know-how, we have developed safe and convenient products as a result of continuous research and exported them to more than 20 countries.

We will deeply engrave that all of this has been made with the encouragement and encouragement of our customers, and we will continue to strive for the safety and convenience of our customers and become a company that gives trust to our customers, and we will do our best to reward you.

CEO Kim, dong-il

Export Status


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