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SW-PU 500(PU V)


SW-PU500 is one liquid type soft foam urethane resin having strong hydrophilic type, Through injecting and putting leakage part of structure joint having vibration. It maintains high elasticity and blocks it from lnflow water with reaction to the water formation layer of open cell structure.

Owing to forming high-elasticity at the small amount of water and forming quick response partial gel at the large amount of water, it is the excellent product having no shrinking change.

  • Leakage part of structure having vibration.
  • Formation of waterproof curtain layer on the back of the structure

  • 10kg steel pail
  • 20kg steel pail
Physical properties
Specific gravity1.06~1.10
Foaming magnification6~12 times (depending on the amount of leakage)
Foaming time20~200sec

Foaming ratio and time according to the liquid / water ratio
Ratio(liquid : accelerator)5:110:115:120:1
Foaming magnificationGel5~105~105~10
Foaming time20~60s160~190s90~120s160~190s
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