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Mechanical Injection Packer

STEP. 1 Investigation

Determine the concrete thickness, crack width and depth of the concrete and check the process procedure.

STEP. 2 Drilling

If the concrete is less than 10cm thick, drill directly into the crack.
If the concrete thickness is between 10 and 50cm, penetrate the crack at an angle of 45° at a distance about one-fifth of the thickness of the concrete from the crack.
If the concrete thickness is more than 50 cm, you can pierce the crack at a 45 ° angle from 20 to 30 cm away from the crack and drill 5 holes per meter in the form of a zigzag.

STEP. 3 Packers installation

Clean the inside of the perforated hole and install the cutting line of the injection packer to match the concrete surface.
Tighten the packer completely using the T-box. (The packer may be damaged if it is too tight)

STEP. 4 Injection

Inject polyurethane using an injection pump.
The pressure is gradually increased until polyurethane flows through the crack.
After the initial flow of water from the cracks, foamed polyurethane comes out, and finally, when the non-foamed polyurethane comes out of the cracks, it is injected into the next packer.

STEP. 5 Remove packers

Remove it by hitting it with a hammer to break the cutting line.
If a wet area remains, re-inject polyurethane.

STEP. 6 Finishing

Remove foamed polyurethane from the cracks and apply it with a flexible sealing agent.

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