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Injection Capsule System

STEP. 1 Surface cleaning

Determine the concrete thickness, crack width and depth of the concrete and check the process procedure.
Remove the dust or dirt from the cracks to be sealed using a wire brush, and if it is greasy, clean the surface dirt with a detergent such as soap or thinner.

STEP. 2 Marking the positions

Adhesive packers are installed at intervals of 15cm to 20cm depending on the crack width, and are usually installed at intervals of 20cm.

STEP. 3 Sealing

Seal with epoxy sealing agent 1mm thick and 30mm wide to prevent epoxy from leaking out of cracks except adhesive packer area.

STEP. 4 Attaching the adhesive packer

Attach the adhesive packer with epoxy sealing agent to the marked place on the concrete surface.
After attaching the adhesive packer, stop working until the sealing agent is fully cured. (usually 12 to 24 hours)

STEP. 5 Injection

Fill the syringe cylinder with 30cc of epoxy injector using a injection capsule. Connect the injection capsule filled with epoxy to the fixed adhesive packer attached to the crack, and connect the rubber band to the fixed plate and the injection capsule.
If the epoxy resin in the injection capsule is exhausted before curing, replace it with a rapidly filled injection capsule and inject it again.

STEP. 6 Finishing

After confirming that the epoxy has cured, remove the injection capsules and the adhesive packers.
Clean with a hand grinder and, if necessary, finish with a crack cover or paint.

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