02. CE인증 취득

12. 삼원특수(주) 공장 증축

04. “New Exporters 300” 기업선정

02. 벤처 업체 획득

03. 기술혁신 과제 획득 및 성공판정
02. 첫 일본 수출

05. The project for KOTRA Taipei branch office
05. New Factory construction was finished
02. Organize the part which is responsible for research and development (Quotation by KOITA)

10. Purchase a building site for the new factory
06. Selected as a promising mid-size company in export side by the small and medium business administration

11. Get a quotation from ISO
11. Establishment of the first factory and start producing
10. Get a prize of WTA from Daegeon city Gov. (Russia NOVOSIBIRSK)
02. Get permission for preservation and management of the facilities.

11. Selected as a steering company by KITA Daegeon-Chungnam branch office

03. Open a branch office in Indonesia

04. Introduce the Special-T technology from U.S.
03. Register as a trade business

11. Selected as a Daegeon-Chungnam branch of Con’c structure repair & reinforcement research group
07. Change the company as a corporation aggregate
04. Introduce repair and reinforcement technology from Kuvasz Group (Germany)

10. Introduce Japan Gonisi bond technology
08. Establish Sam Won Grout