SWM-1000(Injection grouting pump)

injection grouting pump



Feature : Injection grouting pump

– Grouting equipment
– Simple operation
– Grouting equipment SWM-1000 is small and light – easily movable and workable in a small place
– It is easy to exchange expendables and cheap for maintenance and management
– After use, it is easy to wash.


weight : 8㎏
The maximum plasmoptysis pressure : 10000 psi
Second plasmoptysis pressure : 7500 psi
High pressure safe scope : 13500 psi

Single-line injection pump

Characteristics of the injection grouting pump product (Based on the standard model SWM-1000)

  • we obtained a patent for the product. Its domestic patent No. is 10-0736625 (Injection grouting injection pump).
  • As the lightest weight product (8kg) in Korea, it is easy to move and transport (other companies’ products: 12~16kg).
  • As it is equipped with 6 ball bearings, vibration & noise are minimized and the life of the product is extended (other companies’ products: only 1 or 2 ball bearings).
  • As a result of precision part processing, the discharge pressure of the main body is 600kg/㎠ and that of the injection gun is 500kg/㎠.
  • It uses a super light-weight & ultra high-strength high pressure hose made in japan. Weight per 5-meter: About 420g. (Its working pressure is 1.5 times and its burst pressure is 2 times higher than the existing high pressure hoses made in Korea)
  • The 2-liter liquid injection container made of PP materials is big enough, has a cover and is equipped with a filter which prevents foreign substances from being mixed. Though chemicals are discharged and stick to the injection container, it is comparatively easy to remove them. (Recycled products such as PET bottles and drinking water bottles have a small capacity, are easily damaged, and have no caps.)
  • As there is a high pressure gauge installed at the discharging part, you can easily check the pressure.
  • The external design looks luxurious as its aluminum surface has been anodized.
  • With its single power line, it is very concise. (It is produced with a connecting part triangle mold which is exclusively used for this product.)
  • The only injection device in Korea which is exported overseas (U.S.A., Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Australia and so on).
  • Service tools such as L-wrenches and a spanner needed for the maintenance of the injection pump are supplied as a standard. (L-wrench 2mm, 4mm, 5mm and spanner)

*As it is packaged with cushions both at the top and at the bottom as a export standard packing, it can be safely delivered to its destination.