Insulation method using insulate material

Insulation method using insulate material

Rooms become a hot in summer due to the high roof temerture 60~80. Using this insulation method reduces room temperature in summer and in winter prevents heat radiadion and drew condensation. Especially, exellent insulation effect makes contribution to increase building durability.

Under construction...
Roofing tile after construction...
Example of slate roof construction


- Waterproof, insulation and heat block for rooftop.
- Anti-corrosion, soundproof and durability increase.
- Anti-corrosion, insulation and heat block for steel structure.
- Rehabilitation, insulation, heat block for slate.
- Civil and architectural engineering works, ship, railway and soundproofing wall.


- Excellent insulation.
- Good in-site foaming works easily on any complicate shape
- Strong adhesion.
- Separate bubble, small water absorption and water resistance.
- Superior mechanical strength and durability despite its lightness.
- Stable dimensions even in cold weather
- Excellent thermal, chemical resistant