Polymer resin flooring method

Polymer resin flooring method

Polymer resin flooring method can be used wherever needs clean enviroment such as interior flooring, factory, packing garage(interior), mechannical room, shop, passage, corridor and vatious interior flooring.

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Epoxy flooring of underground parking lot


This is recommend for interior flooring of factory, parking garage, laboratory, mechanical room, shops, passages, corridor and wherever needs clean environment.


- Excellent chemical features like abrasion, weather, chemical, oil, water, acid and alkali resistant.
- High hardness, impact & abrasion resistant, good mechanical features, especially adhesion to the surface to be bonded.
- Varied colors and decorative

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Urethane flooring for APT corridor

World top class construction method by machine

※ Perfect remove of epoxy, mortar, concrete or paint during repair of waterproof surface.
※ Factory, interior parking lot, shop, hospital and office etc.
※ No dust construction by installation of specially manufactured vacuum unit.

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