• It has very low viscosity so that is can penetrate into fine pore or soil easily.
• Wide range of hardening time control allows coping with various field conditions.
• It is not dissolved or leached in alkali or acid chemical and stable for any kind of chemical environment of underground water or lock.
• Excellent elastic and adhesive property provides long lasting index effect.
• There is no gel welding phenomenon, the disadvantage of sodium silicate or no aging by hydrolysis.
• High elastic flexible gel formed after congelation swells when contacting water by absorbing vibration. Therefore it provides continuous water block ability as it copes with second deformation of ground and structures appropriately.


• Leakage stop for all buildings and civil structures
• Water blockage and back grouting for junctions of underground structures
• Permanent waterproof grouting for underground structures like tunnels and subways
• Water leakage repair work for extension joint and joint construction
• Joint and leak site of reservoir, swimming pool and pond etc.
• Pore area of concrete structures

Item Normal type
Chief ingredient ACRYLIC RESIN
Mixed viscosity 20 CP or less
Mix proportioning 100 : 100
Hardener Gel
Use Back grouting of underground structures like subways
and tunnels, and waterproof of joints.
Leakage stop and back grouting of all buildings and civil structures