SW-EP 400

SW-EP 400 is a highly-viscose epoxy resin for repairing cracks, which has a new viscosity characteristics for injection of large cracks in concrete structures.

With strong adhesion and durability, without volatile solvents, after hardening (during) it does not shrink at all perfect crack repair is possible.


• Big crack & Injected moving crack
• V-cutting part & for high strenghth sealing
• Concave and convex part adjusting & pinhole fill in


• No running down even vertical direction
• Non-shrinking & harden
• Offers an outstanding durability by preventing corrosion

Package (15kg / Set)

• Main Component  : 10kg
• Hardening Component : 5kg

Physical properties

Exterior Appearance Lemon yellow Liquid
Principal constituent Epoxy, Polyamide
Specific gravity 1.15
Mixing Rate Main Component:Hardening Component = 2:1(Weight ratio)
Pot Life(min) 60min/300g. 20℃
Viscosity 구리스(마요네즈)성상