SW-EP 500

SW-EP 500 is an epoxy resin which is injected into wet crack infusion repair work and shows excellent adhesion at the part where water is bored and is processed into low viscosity type and easy to inject.

With strong adhesion and durability, without volatile solvents, after hardening (during) it does not shrink at all perfect crack repair is possible.


• Underwater crack injection repair work
• Underground structures, water tank repair work


• Excellent wet condition adhesion
• Excellent underwater hardening
• Excellent adhesion to metals

Package (15kg / Set)

• Main Component  : 10kg
• Hardening Component : 5kg

Physical properties

Exterior Appearance Lemon yellow Liquid
Principal constituent Epoxy, Polyamide
Specific gravity 1.1~1.3
Mixing Rate Main Component:Hardening Component = 2:1(Weight ratio)
Pot Life(min) 60min/300g. 20℃
Viscosity 250CPS/20℃