SW-EP 600

SW-EP 600 is a special formulated epoxy sealant that does not spill on vertical surfaces.

It is widely used as a sealing when repairing cracks and it has excellent adhesion to concrete and metal, so it can repair damaged part of concrete, repair of exposed steel.


• Underwater crack injection repair work
• Underground structures, water tank repair work


• Excellent adhesion con’c to meet metals
• Clay type, no running down
• Excellent for concrete work

Package (20kg / Set)

• Main Component  : 10kg
• Hardening Component : 10kg

Physical properties

Exterior Appearance Lemon yellow Liquid
Principal constituent Epoxy, Polyamide
Specific gravity 1.5
Mixing Rate Main Component:Hardening Component = 1:1(Weight ratio)
Pot Life(min) 60min/20℃
Viscosity No vertical sag