SW-PU500(Waterproofing Products)

waterproofing products SW-PU500

Product description

As one of waterproofing products, SW-PU 500 is one liquid type soft firing urethane having strong hydrophobic type, through injecting and putting leakage part of structure joint having vibration, It is the product forming water firing stage of open cell structure , keeping elasticity and closing off from Influx water.
Owing to forming high-elasticity at the small amount of water and forming quick response partial gel form at the large amount of water, it is the excellent product having no shrinking change.


leakage part of structure having vibration
The rear disparity of structure

Basic feauture

viscosity : 800-1300mpa.s
Firing magnification: 11 times
Firing time: 180s-200s

SW – PU 500

(Liquid type of Soft Polyurethane Resin Product)

1. Usage

To use for flexible gaps between concretes, structures, leaking parts of
joint, cracked parts of ceilings, leaking parts of pipe, crocks on the surface of
structure, wet parts of under earth structures as water proof.

2. Reaction material

Foaming ratio: 10 – 15 times
(Material : Water = 10 : 1 )
Foaming time: 182 s (Measuring temperature: 23 ± 2℃ )

3. Property of matter

Exterior : Light yellow clear liquid
Viscosity: 800-1300 mPa.s
Gravity: 1.10 – 1.18
Mixing ratio: 1 conponent.
** High coefficient of viscosity of foaming shall be made by small amount
of water, and partial coefficient of viscosity of gel shall be made by large amount of water. It has a character to react quickly.

4. Package

Two types of iron can with 20 ㎏ / 10 ㎏

5. How to use

Please make holes on the cracked part, and put the packer into
the hole and inject the liquid from the tray of grouting injection pump. Please use
the liquid of tray as soon as possible.

6. Handling and Cautions

Please close liquid tray and injection mouth of the
pump once the liquid has taken out from the liquid tray.
Please clean the tools or hoses with oil after the work.
Please wear helmet, goggles, and gloves during the work.
Please wash up with soap when the liquid has put on the skin.

7. Further information

Please contact to us for further enquiry on the products.
Manufacturer : Samwon Tuksu Co., Ltd.
440-4 Sangdae-Dong, Yooseong-Gu, Daejeon City
TEL : (042)822-7112,3