SW-PU900PLUS : Crack repair materials

Crack repair materials

Product description

SW-PU 900PLUS is main element having polyol and hardening agent having changeable MDI element, it is two liquid type high-elasticity firing urethane. Through injecting breakage part of structure having vibration problem and joint,
It is the product having excellent elasticity and adhesion and used as repairing of breakage part of structure flowing part.

Crack repair materials Use

breakage part of concrete structure having problem of vibration Joint injection and repair

Crack repair materials Basic feature

mixing ratio: main material:Hardening material = 1 : 1
viscosity : 350±40
View time: above 1~30 minutes(23℃±2)

SW – PU 900 plus

(2 Component High-Elastic Urethane Foam)

1. Purpose

This crack repair material product is used for dry cracks, wet surface of structure and the
cracks with less leakage, particularly is used for expansion joints of
concrete structure and repairing cracks in the vibrating or floating structure.

2. Characteristics ⇒

This product is composed of Polyol based main component(Liquid
A) and hardener(Liquid B) in the form of prepolymer, which
Isocyanate based substance and some of Polyol based component are
partially reacted.
This crack repair material product creates foam in a low foaming type which performs a
very great flexibility and elongation for dry type and retains
its elasticity intactly for wet type as well. In addition, this
product has the excellent bonding strength with concrete structure.

3. Basic Properties

ITEMS Value of Properties UNIT
Tensile Strength 0.7 MPa
Elongation Percentage 230 %
Tensile Shear Strength(Metal+Metal) 0.7 MPa

( Above values are subject to change partially by the change of raw
material and product improvement.)

※ The product is produced so that gel time can be adjusted for 5-30 minutes
depending upon the work site condition because it is required to inject liquid
chemical sufficiently for the vibrating or floating structure.

4. Packaging

Packaged in 40Kg/SET with Liquid A-19㎏/steel can + Liquid B-21/steel can.

5. Using the product

After drilling the crack at an equal distance and insert the
packer. And then with the packed fixed, inject the liquid putting
Liquid A and Liquid B into the pouring bottle A and B in our
grouting injection pump(SWDM-2000) respectively. Use the liquid
chemical in the bottle as fast as possible.
Because viscosity of liquid chemical may increase in the winter
time, you can carry out injection easier if you decrease the
viscosity slightly heating the steel can using heater or any other
heating methods.

6. Cautions for Handling

After you take out liquid chemical, seal the lid of liquid chemical can
as quick as possible. After you use any equipment or hose, remove
the liquid chemical fully, clean the inside of Hose A and Hose B with
oil and the like. During the work, wear helmet, goggles, gloves, etc
so that the liquid would not contact your skin such as your face,
hands or etc. If liquid chemical gets on your skin, wash your skin
with soap water clean right away.

7. Inquiry

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