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SWDM-2100 2:1(Double-Line Grouting Injection Pump)

Double-Line Grouting Injection Pump


liquid type high intensity polyurethane injection taking a short time to harden


Basic feature

Mixture ratio : (A:10ø , B:7.4ø) 2:1
Feature : small, light weight Easy to work in the small place
Plasmoptysis pressure : 350kg/㎠
weight : 14kg
Power voltage : AC220V, 60Hz

User’s Manual

For Double-Line Grouting Injection Pump (SWDM-2000)

Double-Line Grouting Injection Pump Attachment Deal Drawing for SWDM-2000

Static Mixer (스태틱믹서)
Embedded Components (내장품)
Injection Valve (주입밸브)
High-Pressure Discharge Valve (고압토출밸브)
Injection Gun (주입건)
Transportation Hose (이송호스)
Nozzle Coupler (굿지)
Grip (손잡이)
Electric Drill (전기드릴)
Injection Bottle (주입통)(A Regin)
Electric Power Source (전원)
Cylinder (실린더)
Check Ball (체크볼)
Injection Gauge (입력게이지)
Cylinder Cover (실린더 커버)
By-Pass Valve (재순환밸브)
Switch (스위치)
Motor Holder (모터홀더)
Body (본체)
Injection Bottle (주입통) (B Hardener)

* Patent Nr. 10-0736625
* Mechanical specification may partially be changed

1. Mechanical Dimension

Power Source and Consumption Power AC 220V 60Hz 600W
Injection Pump Weight 12kgs
Max. Discharge Pressure 700kgf/cm2
Optimum Injection Pressure 350kgf/cm2 X 2Lines
Max. Discharge Rate *Cylinder[8mmΦ] : About0.4l/Min*Cylinder[10mmΦ] : About0.6l/Min
High-Pressure Hose (made in Japan) W.P:380kgf/cm2, B.P:1,400kgf/cm2

Pump Cylinder: 8mmΦ to be basically equipped and released at the site

High-Pressure Hose: 4m to be basic model, but 5m to be sold separately

2. Attachment

  • Filter Basket
  • Spanner (for packing tightening bolt)
  • Spring
  • Static Mixer
  • Check Ball
  • Nozzle Coupler

3. Mechanical features

  • The Double-Line Grouting Injection Pump weighs 12 kg less than other companies’ products and easy to carry and move.
  • Available to be used for single-line injection pump as well (Single and Double-Line are interchangeable)
  • Having beautiful exterior design by anodizing treatment
  • Having much less noise and vibration than other companies’ products. Minimizing vibration/noise by using 10 pieces of ball bearing
  • Max. Discharge Pressure, 700kgf (350kgf X 2Lines) enables to fill up even hidden cracks in its operation (But, immoderate pumping may cause High-Pressure Pump to get damaged.
  • Injection Bottle has big capacity (2L X 2) (Material: PP)Having Cover on Injection Bottle to make no tympan on the top of the Bottle once you open and close it slightly while it is in operation.
  • Having Cover on Injection Bottle to make no tympan on the top of the Bottle once you open and close it slightly while it is in operation.
  • Key components are very precise because they are made in Japan. High-Pressure Hose and O-Ring are made in Japan High-Pressure Valve are made in Germany


How to use Injection Pump SWDM-2000

  1. Install grouting Injection Pump on the flat place.
  2. Connect the plug to the power.
  3. Open the cover of Injection Bottle and put the chemical liquid (Foaming Agent or Epoxy Grouting Material) into Injection Bottle. Fill up to 4/5 level of Injection Bottles, A(Regin) and B(Hardener), respectively.
  4. Put its cover slightly on Injection Bottle to be well ventilated. If it is locked tightly, the liquid may not come out because it turns into vacuum condition in its operation.
  5. Open each valve for A Regin and B Hardener, and then lock By-Pass Valve.
  6. Insert Coupler of Injection Pump Nozzle Set into upper side of Packer which to be placed on the same line as Packer.
  7. Press Switch and operate Injection Pump. Make sure that the Pump is working properly by pressing it slightly in its initial operation. If it is working properly, make a first injection. If chemical liquid is inserted well, make an additional injection.
  8. While the pump is not used for a while (meal time or others), close B Valve of Hardener and open By-Pass Valve to make liquid not hardened by discharging only Regin A.
    ※ Open Valve of Regin Hose during this time.
  9. While the pump is not used for a long time as specified additionally, clean it up so that High-Pressure Hose or Injection Pump inside can not be hardened by chemical liquid. Especially when epoxy injection material is used (Steel Plate Injection Material/Low, Medium, High-Viscosity Injection Material), it is necessary to clean it up except for the daily use.※ In case that it is hardened, A/S will be needed for its complete dismantling (Cost repair)
    ※ Cylinder and High-Pressure Hose are consumables, so if they get damaged, they should be replaced.


How to Clean-up grouting Injection Pump, SWDM-2000

  1. After Injection Clouting work, it is necessary to clean it up for its custody.
    – Operate grouting Injection Pump and remove chemical liquid completely.
    – Fill thinner into Injection Bottle a little (about 1/4 level)Operate Injection Pump to get rid of the remaining liquid from inside High-Pressure Hose. If thinner comes out of High-Pressure Hose, place it into Injection Bottle immediately and after ventilation for about 5 minutes, clean it up (Removing liquid)
    – Operate grouting Injection Pump and remove thinner completely.
    After filling Cleaning Oil up to 1/4 level, operate the machine and then if Cleaning Oil is coming out, place it immediately on the Injection Bottle to be ventilated for about 5 minutes. And then keep it in custody with Injection Bottle Cover locked after the second cleaning up.※ In case when it is kept for a long time by thinner, O-Ring and Packing may be damaged.※ Flammable gasoline/thinner are not permitted※ When using thinner,- Please use Urethane thinner for Urethane Foaming Agent, and Epoxy thinner for Epoxy Grouting Material.※ Cleaning Oil (4L) will be sold separately.
  2. When it is used every day, you don’t have to clean it up.If Coupler is not sealed after use, the liquid may be hardened inside hose.1) Lock injection tank and connect packer to the end of Coupler. (Be careful not to be taken out)2) Lock injection tank and connect it by using Coupler Cap. 1 Pack : 10 pieces※ Nozzle Coupler is consumables, and if it leaks or blocked, it should be replaced.(it is sold separately)
  3. In case of breakdown in machine, how to measure and use

    In case when discharge pressure falls off significantly;
    If liquid flows into the area with spring and check ball to be hardened, discharge pressure will fall off. (Especially after Epoxy Grouting Material, it is necessary to clean it up)
    ※ When Ball and Spring are put together, changing order is absolutely not permitted.
    If the screw in pressure gauge is turned to the left, check ball and spring will come out.(Clean up is needed with soft material)
    ※ Check Ball and Spring are difficult to clean up, so better way is to be replaced by spare ones. (1 set to be basically provided, additional ones to be sold separately)

    In case when liguid is not mixed well;
    In case when foreign substance is inserted in Static Mixer embedded to Nozzle Gun Area or liquid is hardened, you may replace the Static Mixer immediately.
    ※ Static Mixer is sold separately for each pack (10 pieces/50 pieces/ 100 pieces)

    In case when chemical liquid continues to leak from Piston Road little by little;
    Liquid leakage in operation(When in operation, liquid leaks)
    Tighten the bolt on the cylinder cap slightly with 19mm spanner.
    (To be released at the factory under a little loose condition)
    – When used, it needs to be tightened periodically.
    (When worn out by aging, it needs to be replaced)
    ※ It is easier to exchange Bushing and Cylinder Cap together
    (To be sold separately)

    In case when Injection Tank Cap is damaged;
    If it has same size of the other products, it can be used.

    Water proofing treatment on the Switch area
    If chemical liquid is attached to the Switch, it is impossible to be workable, so it is better to use coating glove for sealing by cutting it.

    Water proofing and touch protection
    To be taped after wrapping

  4. Warning

    1) It is high pressure work, so if it continues to operate by force under this condition, High-Pressure Hose may be exploded, and be careful not to splash it to eyes or body.

    2) In case when eyes are smeared with Foam Grouting, cleaning with water is more dangerous. In this case, after removing a little bit with sterilized gauze, go to consult a doctor in the hospital nearby immediately. Before working, please wear on 보안경.


Urethane Foam Grouting System

This is to describe the work with regard to double foam grouting system which is commonly used engineering system.

  1. Necessary things to be prepared for work
    Double-Type Injection Pump, Double-Type Urethane Foam Regin/Hardener, Drill Beat(100Φ), Twist Drill(700~800W), T Handle Socket(8mm), Packer(10mmΦ), Urethane Thinner, Cleaning Oil, Semi-Coating Glove, Complete Coating Glove(When liquid is injected), Working Clothes, Protective Goggles, Mask, Extended Power Cord, Working Light, Working Mat, Covering Tape, Cleaning Equipment, Mat(Tent Material, Vinyl and so on), Garbage Bag and so on.
  2. Repairing Space Clean-up
    Level repairing space by using Hammer, Wire brush, Grinder and etc. before starting main works on the space.
    ※ If it is not necessary to make a pre-work, follow the next step as instructed.
  3. Drilling(Making a hole)
    In case that the size of cracks is less than about 0.8mm, make a hole on the crack directly, and in case that the size is more than 0.8mm, make a hole at 45˚ in 30~50cm away from cracking area.

    ※ Make 5 holes within 1 m at 20cm distance.

    ※ Warning : Make the depth of a hole as a half of concrete thickness and specially be careful not to damage wiring pipe, PVC pipe, Fire sensor line and so on.

  4. Installation of Packer

    Insert a packer into the hole as deep as or a little deeper than packer cutting line (dented line), fix it temporarily by turning by a hand and tighten it with a “T Handle Socket” so that it can not come out even under high pressure. If it would not be inserted up to the packer cutting line, adjust it by hitting T Handle slowly with a hammer.

    ※ Warning : Casting Packer may be broken if it is tightened by force, so make it tightened by controlling it with hand touching sense. If it is less tightened, it will be pulled out.(In this case, inject chemical liquid slowly)

  5. Chemical liquid injection
    Put Urethane Foam into the Bottle up to 4/5 levels and place the cover on it slightly.(If fastened tightly, it may be in vacuum to cause problem in injection)
    Check with the Switch if it’s working properly by pressing it, and make sure if chemical liquid is coming out well.
    Connect Nozzle Coupler to the upper end of Packer.
    Wear on Protective Goggles before starting to work. It is dangerous to splash chemical liquid.
    1st Injection: Press Switch slightly and get off a hand (To keep level at 0~200kg/cm2)
    2nd Injection: Increase the level of pressure slowly until chemical liquid is coming out. At first, water is coming out of cracking area and then Foaming Agent is pulling out. If it is coming out, move it to be injected into the next packer.
    Stop injection immediately if Injection Pump sounds loud or the pressure on High-Pressure Gauge is high in its operation while being injected because it is in very dangerous condition.
    In case that High-Pressure Valve is installed, Nozzle Coupler can be easily split from Packer because pressure stops if the Valve is locked.
    In case that High-Pressure Valve is not installed, stop operation immediately and take out the pressure slowly drawing a circular line with a hose.

    ※ Working pressure shall be used up to 350kg/cm2.

  6. Packer Removal

    If time passes for a while, remove Packer.

    If cutting line of packer is hit with a hammer, it will be broken. Packer doesn’t leak because it has a function against flowing backward (Check Valve Function)

  7. Finish Work

    Remove the area completely where chemical liquid flows by using necessary equipment, and work on putty for the area where it is a little dented. Putty will be used by quick-setting cement, crack covering material and so on to finish it with similar one as surrounding color.

  8. Injection Pump Clean-up

    Operate Injection Pump, remove remaining foam completely by putting it to Bottle, make a first cleaning up by putting Urethane thinner up to 1/4 level and make a second cleaning up by putting Cleaning Oil.(Refer to “How to clean up Injection Pump”)

    ※ In case of daily work, you don’t have to clean up and may just close the cap tightly. And after relevant processing work is done, you should clean up to keep using the machine for a long time.


Spare Component List

For Injection Pump, you had better purchase 2 pieces in preparation of the breakdown which may happen unexpectedly at the site. When the pump is out of order, immediately work on it with spare components. And, following spare components and consumables shall be prepared.

Item Quantity to be prepared Remarks
Pump Cylinder 2 To be replaced when plugged
Nozzle Coupler 10 Consumables(for only water proofing)
Ball & Spring 2 To be replaced when getting dirty
Filter Basket 2 To be replaced when placed in clusters
Static Mixer 50 To be replaced after use
Bottle 2 To be replaced when placed in clusters
High-Pressure Valve 2 To be replaced when damaged(Made in Germany)
Teflon Packing & Bushing 2 for each To be replaced when damaged
O-Ring 2 for each To be replaced when damaged(Made in Japan)
Cleaning Oil 1 Consumables(for cleaning)
Urethane/Epoxy Thinner 1 for each Consumables(for cleaning)


Pump Cylinder Assembly

Cylinder Cover(실린더커버)
Piston Fixing Bolt(피스톤 고정볼트)
Cylinder Block(실린더 블록)
Pump Cylinder(펌프실린더)
Teflon Packing (테프론 패킹)
Internal Side (안측면)
Cylinder Cap(실린더 캡)
External Side (바깥면)
Teflon Bushing(테프론부싱)
Block O-Ring (블록오링)

Pump Cylinder[8mmΦ]: about 0.4L/Min -> To be released at the site
To be used when normally worked with Regin

Pump Cylinder[8mmΦ]: about 0.6L/Min -> To be sold separately
To be used when Epoxy is injected [When in complimentary work for steel plate or in filling work with epoxy]