SW-PU 900 is main element having polyol and hardening agent having MDI element, It is two liquid type hard firing urethane. It is the product forming pure high-strength urethane solid at dry process breakage part and forming partial firing solid at wet process breakage part.

Owing to having superior technological feature to concrete, it is the product having excellent repair and reinforcement and being able to reinforce
and waterproof at the same time.


• Drying/Wetting process, Leakage part of concrete structure. Repair and reinforcement of leakage

Package (40kg / Set)

• A : Resin = 19kg
• B : Hardener = 21kg

Physical properties

Viscosity 150~250mPa.s
Ratio {Resin(A) : Hardener(B)} 100 : 100
Pressing strength 1,150kg/cm2
Bending strength 677kg/cm2
Seal strength 468kg/cm2
Seal shearing adhesion strenghth 72kg/cm2
Hardening time less than 5min, above 20min(2 sorts)