SW-PU700(Basement waterproofing products)

Water proofing product

Product description

As one of Basement waterproofing products, SW-PU 700 is main element having polyol and hardening agent having MDI element, It is two liquid type hard firing urethane through injecting and packing soil of weak base, It is the base rock solid product forming high-strength firing solid, operating ground stabilization regulating gel time, and closing off a large amount of influx water. Owing to forming high-elasticity at the small amount of water and forming quick response partial gel form at the large amount of water, it is the excellent product having no shrinking change.

Use : Basement waterproofing products

stabilization of weak ground and disparity

Basic feature : Basement waterproofing products

viscosity: 150+_30 mpa.s
Firing magnification: 4-10 times (possible to regulate freely)
Firing time: 60s(possible to regulate freely)
Bending strength: 55-80 ㎏/㎠
Pressing strength: 40-65 ㎏/㎠
Mixture degree: main material/hardening material= 100 : 100/100 : 250(2종)