SW-PU 700 is main element having polyol and hardening agent having MDI element, It is two liquid type hard firing urethane. Through injecting and packing soil of weak base.

It is the base rock solid product forming high-strength firing solid, operating ground stabilization regulating gel time, and closing off a large amount of influx water. It is the excellent product having no shrinking change.


• Stabilization of weak ground

Package (40kg / Set)

• A : Resin = 19kg
• B : Hardener = 21kg

Physical properties

Viscosity 150~ 200mPa.s
Foaming magnification 8~18 Times
Foaming time 1~5min
Bending strength 55-80kg/cm2
Pressing strength 40-65kg/cm2
Ratio {Resin(A) : Hardener(B)} 100:100 , 100:250
(2 sorts)