SW-PU 300 is two liquid type(raw liquid 10: accelerator 1) semi-rigid urethane, Through injecting and putting leakage part of concrete and reacting with water, It is the product forming same thing as SW-PU 200 and closing off from lnflux water.

In order to regulate reacting time at the site in accordance with condition characteristics(ex:humidity, temperature, elution amount), It is the product made for mixing and using separate accelerator.


• Leakage part of ceil joint in building, Co-packing of inside of structure, Leakage part of all concrete.

Package (22kg / Set)

• Liquid : 20kg (Steel Pail)
• Accelerator : 2kg (Can)

Physical properties

• Liquid

Viscosity 450~600mPa.s
Specific gravity 1.12~1.2
Foaming magnification above 15times
Foaming time 350~450s
Seal shear adhesion strength 45N/mm2
Ratio (liquid : Accelerator) 10:1


• Accelerator

Viscosity 1~10mPa.s
Specific gravity 0.95~1

Foaming time of mixing liquid(depandent on the ratio liquid/accelerator) reacts with water. (Ratio = Mixing liquid/water 10:1)

Ratio(liquid : accelerator) 2:1 5:1 10:1 15:1
Foaming time 150~200s 320~340s 400~430s above 600s