SW-PU300 (Waterproofing Product)

waterproofing product

Product description

SW-PU 300 is two liquid type (raw liquid 10: booster 1) radius firing urethane, Through injecting and putting leakage part of concrete and reacting with water, It is the product forming same thing as SW-PU 200 and closing off from Influx water.
In order to regulate reacting time at the site in accordance with condition characteristics(ex: humidity, temperature, elution amount), It is the product made for mixing and using separate booster


leakage part of ceil joint in building
Co-packing of inside of structure
Leakage part of all concrete

Basic feature

viscosity : 140mpa.s
Firing magnification: above 15 times
Firing time: 300s-350s
Seal shear adhesion strength: 45N/cm2


(2 Liquefied Half-hard type Polyurethane water leakage construction product)

1. Where to use

It can be used for leakage works for concrete construction such as underground parking garage,
water purification plant, water tank and sewage terminal plant, and cracks of concrete, wall, leakage
part of joint, cracks and leaks in ceiling, cracks in pipe interpenetration gap, cracks and leakage part
which surface of structure comprises wet and dry part and other water stop works for all kinds of concrete construction and building.

2. Effects (reaction) data

Foaming magnification: 18times – 20 times (liquid chemical: water= 10: 1)

3. Property of matter

external appearance: crude liquid; dark-brown transparent liquid
accelerator: light-ivory liquid
viscosity: 150mpa.s (23±2℃)
gravity: 1.15 – 1.23
mixing ratio: 2 component type (liquid chemical 10: accelerator 1)
seal leaflet adhesion strength: 28 N/㎠

4. Packing

18 kg crude liquid + 2 kg accelerator/can is packed in steel can.

5. How to use

First, drill cracked area at equal distance. Insert packer to secure and inject liquid chemical into
grouting injection pump. At this time, use liquid chemical in the container as fast as possible.
Put crude liquid into pouring bottle of injection pump and add approx. 10% of catalyst and then stir
well. If needed for rapid foaming, increase the amount of SW-PU CAT.

6. How to handle and caution

Take out some liquid from the container and seal up the stopper
of the medical liquid container quickly. After using the instruments(gear) and hoses, wash them with
Acetone, Urethane, and Thinner, and use them again. When you handle the medical liquid, be sure
to wear helmet, protective goggles, and gloves. If the skin is stained with the medical liquid,
wash them out with the soap water cleanly instantly.

7. Inquiry about the products

If you have any concerns or inquiries about the products, contact the phone number provided.