waterproofing products

SW-PU 200 is one liquid type semi-rigid urethane having strong hydropobic type, Through injecting and putting leakage part of concrete and reacting with water, It is the product forming water firing stage of closed cell structure closing off from lnflux water.

As free-solvent type having no stimulating offen-sive smell, It is a product having quick response, no shrinking change, and excellent permeable.


• Leakage part of ceil joint in building,
Co-packing of inside of structure,
leakage part of all concrete


• 10kg steel pail
• 20kg steel pail

Physical properties

Viscosity 450~600mPa.s
Specific gravity 1.12~1.2
Foaming magnification above 15times
Foaming time 300~400s
Seal shear adhesion strength 45N/mm2

Foaming magnification and forming time dependent on the ratio liqued/water

Ratio (liquid : Water) 5:1 10:1 15:1 20:1
Foaming magnification 8~11 16~20


Foaming time above 600s 300~350s 280~300s 330~370s