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SW-PU200(Waterproofing Products)

waterproofing products

Products Description

Waterproofing product SW-PU200 is one liquid type radius firing urethane having strong hydrophobic type, through injecting and putting leakage part of concrete and reacting with water, It is the product forming water firing stage of closed cell structure closing off from Influx water.
As free-flux type having no stimulating offensive smell, It is a product having quick response, no shrinking change, and excellent permeable and index


leakage part of ceil joint in building
Co-packing of inside of structure
Leakage part of all concrete

Basic feature

viscosity : 140mpa.s
Firing magnification: above 15 times
Firing time: 300s-350s
Seal shear adhesion strength: 45N/cm2

SW-PU200 : Waterproofing products

(1 Liquefied Half-hard type Polyurethane water leakage construction products)

1. Where to use

This waterproofing product can be applied to following cases : for water leakage construction of concrete
infrastructure, all kinds of concrete constructions, buildings, and water leakage construction of
concrete construction like apartment basement parking lots, filtration plants, storage tanks of water,
final sewage disposal plant, leakage part of concrete cracks, wall picks, joints, cracks of roof to roof,
parts of crack, crack of pipeline connection parts, the surface of the infrastructure mixed with wet and dried parts.

2. Effects(reaction) data

foaming magnification : 18 times(medicinal liquid : water = 10 : 1)
foaming time : 330s(measured temperature : 23 ± 2℃)

3. Property of matter

external appearance : dark-brown transparent liquid
viscosity : 140mpa.s(23±2℃)
gravity : 1.08 – 1.11
mixing ratio : 1 liquid type
seal leaflet adhesion strength : 45 N/㎠

4. Packing

The waterproofing products are consisted of 2 kinds : 20kg/PE container and 10kg/iron can container.

5. How to use the waterproofing products

To the crack region it bores the holes in schedule interval, inserts the packer and fix it.
Inject the medical liquid poured from the original container into the container with grouting injection pump.
Apply the liquid to the cracked parts and, if possible, use the medical liquid left in the container quickly.
In SW-PU200 liquid, additive agent is already added, if the temperature suddenly descends, and if the quick foaming is needed on the spot where there is large volume of water leakage.
Use extra foaming agent(SW-PU CAT) added.

6.How to handle and caution

Take out some liquid from the container and seal up the stopper
of the medical liquid container quickly. After using the instruments(gear) and hoses, wash them with
Acetone, Urethane, and Thinner, and use them again. When you handle the medical liquid, be sure to wear helmet, protective goggles, and gloves. If the skin is stained with the medical liquid, wash them out with the soap water cleanly instantly.

7. Inquiry about the waterproofing products

If you have any concerns or inquiries about the products, contact the phone number provided.